© Natasha Newton 2017

© Natasha Newton 2017

Commissions & Price List 2017

I regularly accept painting and illustration commissions. If you're interested in commissioning a piece of work, please send an email via the contact page for more information.

A price list for commissioned paintings can be found below and there is the option to pay in weekly or monthly instalments if you wish to do so. All prices apply to original paintings on canvas, and all sizes are in inches. This list is intended as a guide only, as each commission will be priced depending upon the complexity of the painting and estimated time taken to complete the piece. If you'd like to commission a painting on paper, please contact me for a quote.

Prices for illustrative, commercial, or editorial work will vary and are discussed on an individual basis.

4x6" - £75.00 • 5x7" - £100.00 • 6x6" - £120.00 • 8x8" - £150.00 • 8x10" - £175.00 • 10x10" - £200.00 • 10x12" - £250.00 • 12x12" - £295.00 • 12x16" - £350.00 • 14x18" - £425.00 • 16x16" - £450.00 • 12x24" - £475.00 • 16x20" - £500.00 • 20x20" - £600.00 • 20x24" - £695.00 • 24x24" - £750.00 • 20x30" - £795.00 • 24x30" - £850.00 • 39.5x20" - £895.00 • 30x30" - £950.00 • 31.5x31.5" - £1000.00 • 39.5x27.5" - £1250.00 • 39.5x39.5" - £1500.00

Shops, Wholesale Orders & Licensing Images

Website & Etsy Shop

I sell original paintings, prints, and painted stone collections directly through my website: www.natashanewton.com/shop and my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/natashanewtonart

If you have any questions about purchasing artwork online, please feel free to contact me.

Collaboration With Moo

You can use some of my designs on your business cards here: Natasha Newton for Moo

Wholesale Orders

If you're interested in stocking my artwork in your shop or gallery, please send an email via the contact page and I'll be happy to give you more details!

Licensing Images

Selected images are available to use for book and CD covers, greetings cards, magazine articles, business cards, labels, branding etc. Fees for the use of images will vary depending upon the project you have in mind but the rates are often very reasonable, especially for small businesses and individuals.

You may prefer to commission some artwork rather than use an existing image. Please contact me to find out more.