Violet Vert: Naturespheres

Naturesphere 1 © Natasha Newton 2017 / VV

Naturesphere 1 © Natasha Newton 2017 / VV

We've been busy during the past week renovating my new studio, so I've had very little time to actually paint and explore the ideas I have for Violet Vert. However, after a painting session on Saturday, which was largely an incredibly frustrating experience where I abandoned and threw away most of the work, I finally hit upon an idea I loved!

Before I started, I'd already decided that I was going to push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment with a different colour palette to the one I would normally use. I was going to make a painting using various shades of GREEN! Those of you who know me will know that I very rarely use green, and I've certainly never used it as the basis for an entire painting. I've been longing to work on botanical patterns as well, so this seemed like a good opportunity. A few hours later, a new series called Naturespheres was born.

This is the first Naturesphere painting, but I have big plans for these. Not only that, but I've already received a commission to create a painting for someone based upon this first piece! I often use Instagram to test out new ideas to see how they're received, and this one exceeded my expectations - it was met with an amazing response from people. It's always a really lovely boost when that happens, as there's often some trepidation before sharing new work publicly.

Naturesphere 1 is now available through the Violet Vert Etsy shop, with more pieces coming soon!

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