My New Studio & Two Bird Paintings

Let's address the first thing - I have a new studio! Well, strictly speaking I'm in the long process of renovating my new space and setting up a studio with a separate room for a little office too. At the moment I work from a lovely but small studio in Suffolk, doing everything in the same room. I love that little room, but to be able to have a larger space with great light...well, let's just say that I feel very fortunate. It's going to be a lot of hard work (not to mention expense!) to get it up and running, but I'm not someone who's afraid of hard work in any respect, as those who follow me probably already know! I love to work, and all the effort I'll be putting into this new space will eventually mean I'll be able to create art in a more organised and much more efficient way. And I'll be able to work on larger paintings - something I've always wanted to do! I'll be sharing the process of gradually decorating and setting up the new studio in future blog posts.

This is a photo of my current studio, taken in June 2016.

And this is a photo of a small section of the new studio, empty and undecorated at the moment, apart from a large table with a tabletop easel for me to work at! I'll be using most of the furniture from my current studio, but I've also purchased other pieces to add to the new space. I look forward to sharing those in due course!

And here are the two new paintings on canvas - I worked on these in both studios! The one on the left is Two Swallows, acrylic on canvas, 16x16" / 40x40cm, and the one on the right is Eternal Conversation, acrylic on canvas, 20x20" / 50x50cm. Both of these were very special commissioned paintings and each has a very personal story behind it. Sadly, I'm not at liberty to share the stories of these pieces, but it was an honour to work on both of them. I'll be posting all new work (certainly any new collections and major pieces) here on the blog from now onwards, so please check in regularly to see what I've been up to!

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